Designing web experiences since 1999

BBVA – Online Banking

Interaction Design
UX Design
Information Architecture

The challenge

The challenge was to redesign the public web and transactional area for different client segments. We wanted to create a smoother user experience. The main idea was to simplify the complex banking transaction by discovering simple smart solutions.

My role

I worked as a UX and Interaction Designer and based on functional documentation my main tasks were to translate both the business and user objectives into a new generation banking interface. We wanted to make the information presented and the user task simpler.

The daily life of an Agile project

We worked within an agile environment and kept too weekly sprints. My week would consist of receiving the Use Case on Monday and then presenting the demo on Friday. I interacted with the internal stakeholders in order to gain an understanding of the transaction so that I could design an effective solution. Considerations I kept during the design process:
  • Facilitate the registration of new users and customers
  • Facilitate the sale of new products to customers in a clear simple fashion
  • Provide BBVA clients with information and easy access to their information
  • How to make banking transactions as simple as possible
  • Allow users to access information via the chosen device
  • Allow multi-device access: web or mobile

The final result

Despite a few early co-ordination problems based on using an Agile Environment the final result that was produced was a success. We transformed from the classic banking interface into a personal money manager where the user now has the ability to control their money with ease.