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Endesa – Mobile customer area

Interaction Design
UX Design

The challenge

Endesa is the first electricity provider in Spain and several other South American countries. They wanted to improve the customer area for mobile and tablets making it both simple and affordable for all kinds of users regardless of age or technical skill.

My role

I defined the UX strategy, coordinated the setting up of the research process and analysed the results. I also defined prototypes in accordance with the research results.

The research process

The goal of the research was to gain an understanding of how the Endesa customer uses their mobile devices. We wanted to find out what basic functions they required. In order to complete this research, we undertook remote interviews with customers. We checked our early prototypes and assumptions with user testing. The results we gathered were too be expected. The user’s main focus was for their invoices and graphical information regarding their own consumption of electricity.

The definition

Based on our analysis we discovered a couple of main differences in how the user interacted with the different devices. Users that were using tablets would check information for a longer duration and look further in the past at usage and invoices. They would also use it more for contacting the company if something didn’t look correct.

Mobile users were mainly concerned in the here and now. They were focused on the last invoice or their current usage stats.

Other information that was not relevant was included but was not prioritised into the main interface or navigation.

The final result

The final results were positive and I can confirm that based on the results of the user testing that we designed a user-friendly products where the user could access the information in a clean, smooth, visually appealing way.