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Open Data for the Spanish Government

UX Design
Information Architecture
UI Design

The challenge

The focus of this project was consolidating all of the governmental information and procedures into a single place in order to make it accessible to the general public.

My role

I was the UX lead on this project and focused on conducting all of the research work with both the general publics and government employees. Other areas I worked on and had great input in the information architecture, prototyping, testing and the UI design.

The research phase

This project had one of the largest volumes of data I have ever had to handle. First, we had to collate all of the governmental information into one central place. Second, we had to look at the different segments that were going to be using the portal. I looked at:
  • Categorisation of all information available through taxonomies
  • Conducted Workshops with different groups of people in order to understand the way that they interact with the administration.
  • The Iterative testing of the different approaches with the different demographics in order to get the right solution for each one them.
What we discovered was that around 80% of users were searching for information whereas the other 20% of users were using a structured navigation process. Another interesting finding was that the users needed both a clear explanation about how to deal with and how to accomplish the task to be based in the same location. This will eliminate website jumping to find different answers.

The definition

Based on the analysis of our findings we have given priority to the search engine as this seems to be the area in which users are using the most. Secondly, we want to give access to the content via two different taxonomies. The first being the organisation of the content based on the government structure for example education, medical etc. The second structure is to be based on the demographic group so each group gets the relevant information. One other important point was the design of the information and the form procedures. Both of these should be the same place so that the user can access the information and answer in the same places in order to eliminate website jumping.

The final result

In terms of the complexity of the project, the solution was quite simple for the user, not for the different government areas that should coordinate and share all the procedures in an external place what sometimes is not easy technically or politically.

Here is the final result with the proposed look and feel.